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  Date Published Title Author
March 18, 2019Lessons from Introducing Contractual Savings for Housing Schemes in Transition CountriesHans-Joachim Dübel
5/26/2016Diversity Strengthens Housing Finance in Hungary Especially in the FX CrisisAndrás Kiss
2016Hungarian Mortgage Rescue Programs 2009-2016Csizmady, A.
2011EMF Mortgage Info 10.2011EMF
2011Monetary Policy and Risk-Premium Shocks in Hungary: Results from a Large Bayesian VARAlina Carare and Adina Popescu
2010Regulation of Foreign Currency Mortgage Loans: The Case of Transition Countries in Central and Eastern Europe Hans-Joachim (Achim) Dübel and Simon Walley
2007Social Housing in EuropeChristine Whitehead, Kathleen Scanlon
2005Housing Finance Markets in Transition Economies: Trends and ChallengesOECD
2005Housing Finance: New and Old Models in Central Europe, Russia, and KazakhstanJózsef Hegedüs, Raymond J. Struyk
2005Housing Subsidies in Hungary: Curse or Blessing?Réka Rózsavölgyi and Viktória Kovács
2004Housing Finance in Hungary: Subsidies and the Szechenyi PlanAdam Kornfield
2004Home Finance Subsidies in HungaryAnikó Dobricza
2004Potential Effects of Subsidy Programs on Housing Affordability: The Cases of Budapest and MoscowJozsef Hegedus, Natalia Rogozhina, Eszter Somogyi, Raymond Struyk, and Andrey Tumanov
2003Housing Policy in Central European Countries in TransitionHans-Joachim Dübel
2000Solving the Housing Problem: Lessons from Poland and Hungary in Creating a New Housing Finance SystemRebecca Black, Krzysztof Jaszczolt, and Michael Lee
2000Homeownership and Housing Finance Policy in the Former Soviet Bloc: Costly PopulismR. J. Struyk
2000The Crisis in Housing Financing in Hungary in the 1990sJózsef Hegedüs and Éva Várhegyi
1999The Evolution of Housing Finance Policy in Hungary: 1993 - 1999Douglas B. Diamond

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