31st World Congress of the International Union for Housing Finance

Start Date 11/4/2019
End Date 11/6/2019
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This year’s African Union for Housing Finance Conference under the theme, “Realising Affordability in Global Housing Markets” will be a Joint AUHF & IUHF Conference and AGM: Incorporating the 35th Annual AUHF Conference & AGM and the 31st International Union for Housing Finance (IUHF) World Congress.  The conference has been growing every year in size, content and reputation.  This year, through the partnership with the IUHF, the conference reach will reflect content and experience from across the world, and is expected to draw in a much wider international profile of delegates.


This year’s conference will explore the challenge of housing affordability as it is being expressed across the globe.  Organised across a series of themes, the presentations will articulate the detail of the affordability challenge while also providing case studies of innovation and success.  Speakers will be drawn from the body of the AUHF, as well as from across the world, bringing global expertise to this question of housing affordability.


The Joint AUHF / IUHF Conference and World Congress is offered over 3 days, from 4-6 November 2019, with the conference covering the first two days, and a master class, site tour and member meetings organized for the third day.


The conference is structured along four main sessions, with keynote presentations, panel discussions, short presentations and other inputs offered by housing finance experts from across the globe.

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