UK’s FSA Publishes Mortgage Sector Statistics for 2010 Q3 to 2011 Q4

Date Published 3/14/2012
Author Marja Hoek-Smit
Country United Kingdom

On March 13, 2012, UK's Financial Services Authority published statistics on the mortgage sectors for the period from the third quarter of 2010 to the fourth quarter of 2011. Some of the key statistics for the Q4 2011 are as follows:

·          The total value of outstanding loans at the end of Q4 was £1,218bn, an increase of less than 0.1% on last quarter.

·          New advances in the quarter amounted to £40bn, 8% lower than in Q3 but some 9% higher than the amount advanced in Q4 2010.

·          The overall average interest rate on new advances continued to fall during the quarter, down from 3.59% to 3.49%, a new low for the series. The reduction was a result of a fall in the rate for fixed rate lending more than offsetting a small increase in the variable rate .

·          New commitments totaled £37bn in the quarter, 11% down on Q3 but 7% higher than in Q4 last year.

·          Lending for house purchase accounted for 61% of new advances, up on Q3, and 58% of commitments, a small decrease from last quarter. The proportion of advances for remortgages (32%) was much as in Q3, though there was an increase in commitments from 32% to 34%.

·          The proportion of new lending done at an LTV of more than 90% continued to be below 2% in Q4, as it was throughout 2011.

·          New lending with a combination of high LTV and high income multiple rose slightly in the final quarter of the year and accounted for just over 1% of new lending.

·          The proportion of loans to borrowers with an impaired credit history remained at 0.4% for the third successive quarter. It has been below 1% since the end of 2008.

·          In Q4 there were 34,600 new arrears cases which was down 1% on last quarter and 14% lower than in Q4 last year.

·          Consequently, the total number of accounts in arrears at the end of the quarter also fell and, at 313,200, was 3% down on Q3 and 9% below Q4 2010.

·          The proportion of the residential loan book that is in arrears, and hence not fully performing also continued on a downward trend, to 2.61% from 2.72% last quarter.

·          The number of new possessions in the quarter fell by 9% to 8,827.

·          Arrears totaling £36m on 9,815 accounts were capitalized in Q4.

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